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We know it’s that simple to shop on the Meesho app.

But, how do you convince a first-time eCommerce user to take the plunge? Well, you create a delightful online shopping experience by understanding their preferences and expectations. And that is exactly what our new VP-Product Ankit Uppal is all set to achieve.

Ankit leads the product teams for the shopping experience and central tech platform. The biggest challenge to solve here is Innovating for the needs of our customers — who are largely new to eCommerce — using the best-in-class technology.

Having worked with Amazon for eight years before joining the Meesho rocketship, Ankit has launched and scaled many India-first experiences for the global behemoth. This includes leading teams across the globe to launch a little initiative called Alexa (not sure if you've heard of it 😉) in India, which Ankit considers among his career highlights.

“What touched me the most was to know that the work that we did with Alexa was able to help empower underprivileged children in remote parts of India. I consider myself incredibly lucky to have been able to contribute to this mission,” says Ankit who is now excited to create a similar impact by serving Bharat’s next billion shoppers.

At this stage in his career, Ankit wanted the organisation he works for to check a few boxes:

  • Big vision
  • 10X thinking
  • Great culture
  • Customer validation

We can think of one company that checks his boxes. No prizes for guessing! 😎

Ankit now wants to expand his team of smart, passionate and humble product managers with more customer-obsessed individuals. He is looking for folks who understand the importance of listening to customers and using that as a source of inspiration.

“We have a ton of metrics to tell us about the customer experience. It is important to pay close attention to these. But sometimes pain points and opportunities hide behind averages,” he elaborates, adding, “Listening to customer anecdotes and experiencing the products you work on yourself is the best way to empathise with your customers”

Of course, building a career in product management would be impossible without building customer empathy. And, the only way to build customer empathy is to understand your customers, their needs, and how you can improve their experience.

But, this is easier said than done with a company like Meesho, where our employees are definitely not our target customers. How do you build for a customer cohort that you are not familiar with? “Talk to us,” says Ankit. “There are plenty of hard problems to solve with really smart people and an organisation that is being built for the long run. You will get to work on important initiatives, learn a ton, and have a lot of fun while doing all of this. So, reach out to anyone on our team if you are keen to explore product and tech roles at Meesho.”

Ankit also insists that anyone keen on becoming a product manager, read Inspired: How to Create Tech Products Customers Love by Marty Cagan. If we were looking to join Ankit’s team at Meesho, that would be our first step 😉.

Scratch that, the first step would be to visit our careers page.