“Culture is a thousand things, a thousand times. It’s living the core values when you hire; when you write an email; when you are working on a project; when you are walking in the hall. — Brian Chesky, Co-founder and CEO of Airbnb.

Team Meesho knows to prioritise collective goals over their individual wins, always solve for scale, speaks to users extensively (to gather invaluable insights) rather than just relying on data alone, and focuses on solving the problem with speed. We know this and live by this because it is instilled in all Meeshoites from day 1.

How you ask.

Our core values that we had for the past six years, served us well. We accomplished many goals, served many users, got several recognitions, and scaled at an unbelievable rate. But now, as we step into year seven, we have a loftier vision and a bolder mission. And, to fulfill them, we also need to update and further optimise the way we approach work, live and breathe our culture and discover and tackle problems.

And so we went back to the drawing board, huddled together, and re-articulated them as 10 Mantras that would become the guiding light while making every decision. These values would help us work together towards our truth north: Enable 100M small businesses in India to succeed online!

Presenting to you Meesho’s new mantras:

User First

What it means -

  • Obsess over users
  • Rely on lived experiences over data
  • Incorporate user feedback in company roadmap

What it doesn’t mean -

  • Don’t do market research

User First has been a core value that’s been ingrained in Meesho since the very beginning. We even have a ‘Listen or Die’ programme, a Meesho ritual, to inculcate the habit of listening to users from day one. Through this programme, new joinees are required to call Meesho users and get feedback from them within the first 15 days of joining, and present their insights to a panel of senior leaders.

Think 10x Think Long Term

What it means -

  • Build to scale
  • Revolutionary change over evolutionary change
  • Take audacious goals and work backwards to achieve short term targets

What it doesn’t mean -

  • Ignore short term goals

Meesho’s exponential growth over the last six years is owing to the audacious goals we have set for ourselves at every turning point. Even as we celebrated our sixth anniversary in July 2021, we reminded ourselves how Thinking 10X and Thinking Longterm has served us well, and this reflects in our updated mission and vision as well. You can learn all about it here.

Problem-first Mindset

What it means -

  • Always take the first principles approach
  • Nail the problem before jumping to a solution
  • Ask why until you get to the core problem

What it doesn’t mean -

  • Re-inventing the wheel

Hire & Grow Exceptional Talent

What it means -

  • Raise the bar with every hire and promotion
  • Build the habit of being 1% better, everyday
  • Encourage Meeshoites to become the best version of themselves

What it doesn’t mean -

  • Meeshoites don’t invest in their own growth
“We have clearly defined hiring processes with set expectations to ensure that we only hire the best among the best for all roles big and small at Meesho. Simultaneously we are committed to ensuring that all our talented hires get the opportunity to grow and evolve throughout their time at Meesho. Everything from the Buddy programme that helps new joiners hit the ground running to the monthly fireside chat Meesho Speaker Series, where industry experts share their experiences and insights with Meeshoites are all designed with this goal in mind.” — Ashish Kumar Singh, CHRO

People-centric Workplace

What it means -

  • Mould a workplace that attracts and retains the best talent
  • Respect people, cultivate a culture of empathy and understanding
  • Spread positivity and celebrate wins

What it doesn’t mean -

  • It is only HR’s responsibility to create a great workplace

Company > Team > Individual

What it means -

  • Put company and team interests above your own
  • Be dedicated to the purpose beyond your personal success
  • Encourage teamwork and collaboration, prioritise alignment and feedback

What it doesn’t mean -

  • Individual interests don’t matter

This Meesho Mantra will help align our individual goals to this macro goal and keep the spirit of collective ambition alive in all of us

Speed Over Perfection

What it means -

  • Have a sense of urgency to create, solve, and grow
  • Always set aggressive deadlines
  • Question how any job can be completed in less time without compromising quality

What it doesn’t mean -

  • Make rash decisions without a hypothesis in place


Stand Up & Speak Your Mind

What it means -

  • Ideas trump hierarchies, so do your homework
  • Share opinions and feedback fearlessly
  • Encourage dialogues

What it doesn’t mean -

  • Be disrespectful or judgemental about differing opinions

As a company, Meesho aims to always listen to its community, be it users or our employees, and this Mantra is a constant reminder to us that speaking our mind is not just welcome at Meesho, but it is our obligation to do so. We have carved out a special role called Devil’s Advocate, which Meeshoites will get the opportunity to play in different meetings. The Devil’s Advocate will not only share their own hot take and differing opinions during meetings, but also encourage their colleagues to do so.

Act Like An Owner

What it means -

  • Have a founder mindset
  • All employees have a stake in Meesho’s growth
  • Take responsibility of your successes and failures

What it doesn’t mean -

  • Micromanaging someone else’s work

Meesho’s Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) policy explains exactly how seriously we take this particular mantra. Unlike most other companies, Meeshoites across the hierarchies and functions who are performing well are rewarded with stock options. In a truly democratic process we are helping our employees become part owners of the company! You can learn all about what sets our ESOPs policy apart here.

Growth Mindset

What it means -

Taking continuous effort towards org, self and team improvement

  • by reflecting upon the previous project and ways of working, and identifying what could have been better
  • and taking actions to improve in future

By being imaginative, curious, and open to feedbacks, we reflect as individuals, teams and organization to become 1% better everyday!

What it doesn’t mean -

  • Learning without a business goal or objective.

Meesho also stands by its mantra Problem First Mindset, and every action/initiative of growth and learning is tied to a broader problem statement/business goal or objective.

What Meesho core values do you resonate with the most? Let us know in the comments.

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