On Jul 1, 2021Meesho celebrated its sixth anniversary and with this commemorative milestone, we are setting new and ambitious goals for ourselves. Having built a platform that helped 10 million entrepreneurs across India become successful online business owners, Meesho is now aiming to create and facilitate an ecommerce ecosystem that would revolutionise India’s commercial landscape. For a lofty goal such as this, we are re-aligning ourselves, and focusing on our two guiding principles:

Vision : Enable 100M small businesses in India to succeed online

Mission : Democratise internet commerce for everyone

India has about 6.3 crore Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and among them only a mere 10 lakh MSMEs are running their businesses online. Meesho’s goal is to inspire, encourage and enable the remaining vast majority of small businesses to step into the online world. This will not only help the myriads of businesses expand their customer base and improve their business, but it will also help the Indian economy at large.

We have always put the success of our users as our no 1 priority. From day one, we have invited entrepreneurs to launch their business with zero investment and a host of resources and benefits to increase their success rate. We offered business classes, launched referral programmes, created a social media platform called Meesho Community where they could interact with each other and share insights, while continuing to be a 24X7 support system.

Now, having visualized a future where 100 million small businesses are able to share their products with the entire country, we have mobilised a sure-shot success premise for our suppliers — small business owners from tier 2, tier 3 cities across India — as well. To this end, we are not only providing regular trend and market insights, we are also offering an unbeatable zero percent commission to sell on the Meesho platform. This allows Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) to invest more capital into their businesses and improve their chances of success.

With this overarching vision of enabling 100 million small businesses to succeed online, Meesho has also set out on the mission to democratise internet commerce for everyone. With Meesho’s help, we saw millions of women bound by patriarchal and societal restrictions step out of their comfort zones and become financially independent in the last six years. We saw firsthand how powerful the internet is to give wings to anyone’s dreams.

Meesho now wants to extend that power to everyone across India. From suppliers to entrepreneurs and customers to online influencers, we want to facilitate the growth of every stakeholder in the ecommerce ecosystem, and more importantly we want to increase the number of stakeholders in this online space.

Meesho believes in and has consistently invested in the future of India — all of India — including the rural pockets where sellers with the best quality products are looking for a way to expand. What Meesho provides for them is equity in the ecommerce space. With our new vision and mission statements and renewed vigour to grow and create impact, we are sure to not only democratise internet commerce for everyone, but also enable 100 million small businesses to excel online.

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