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Assistant Manager HRBP - Analytics

Bangalore, Karnataka | HR & CREWS

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About the Team 

As part of the HR team, we play a key role in getting on board the right talent to make Meesho one of the most sought-after e-commerce destinations in India.

We continuously hunt for the best practices across the globe to take our people practices to the next level. As HRBP-Tech, you’ll join us in making data-backed decisions to create an unparalleled work environment while we scale our tech headcount at an exponential pace. We closely work with the Meesho leadership team to understand business objectives to finetune our processes, aligning our decisions with company goals. 

As the HR team, we know how important it is to maintain a work-life balance. That’s why, we have regular 1-1s, timely rewards and recognitions, and monthly outings, where we all talk about everything apart from work. With us, you can be sure of finding an environment that’s both – professionally enriching as well as fun! 

About the Role 

As HRBP-Analytics, you will help drive the HRBP OKRs.
Working closely with the Tech, Product & non-tech HRBP teams, you enable the hiring of best-in-industry talent across your orgs; Retention of best-in-industry talent by reducing attrition % across talent cohorts through structured and individual actions; Ensure motivation and up-skilling of the best-in-industry talent; Ensure productivity of the best-in-industry talent and enable business continuity in case of unforeseen changes of talent.

What you will do

  • You will play an instrumental role in setting up the right talent brand and culture for Meesho while working with senior Analytics leaders across Meesho.
  • You will also coach leaders and first-line managers around culture setting, performance discussion and development of their teams.
  • You will also be a key driver to enable POD ways of working within Meesho.
  • In addition to the OKRs you will drive for your org, you will also work on special projects in HR across Tech, Product & Analytics, and Meesho around strengthening employee experience, manager capability, and elevating talent density amongst others. 

What you will need

  • Postgraduate degree in Human resources.
  • 1 to 3 years of experience in a similar role, preferably in a tech organization/product startup or a fast-paced environment.
  • Excellent Problem-Solving skills and ‘first principles thinking to create structures and strong processes analytical and effective stakeholder management skills.
  • Ability to pay attention to detail and strong interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to work at Lightspeed
About us 

Welcome to Meesho, where every story begins with a spark of inspiration and a dash of entrepreneurial spirit. We're not just a platform; we're your partner in turning dreams into realities.

Our Mission

Democratising internet commerce for everyone- Meesho (Meri shop) started with a single idea in mind -to be an e-commerce destination for the next billion Indian consumers and enable 100 million small businesses to succeed online. We provide sellers with a range of industry-first benefits such as zero commission and the lowest shipping cost.  Over 1.75 million sellers are registered on Meesho, growing their business by tapping the company’s massive customer base, state-of-the-art tech infrastructure, pan-India logistics at the lowest cost through third-party logistics providers in an 'Everyday Lowest Cost' channel for sellers. Affordable, relatable merchandise mirroring local markets has helped us make inroads with first-time internet users in the country. We cater to an underserved and unique customer base and cover every serviceable pincode in the country. Our unique business model and continuous innovation has enabled us to become the first Indian horizontal E-commerce company.

Culture and Total Rewards

Our focus is on cultivating a dynamic workplace characterized by high impact and performance excellence. We prioritize a people-centric culture, dedicated to hiring and developing exceptional talent. Total rewards at  Meesho comprises of a comprehensive set of elements - monetary, non monetary, tangible and intangible in nature. Our 11 guiding principles, or "Mantras," are the backbone of how we operate -  influencing everything from recognition and evaluation to growth discussions. Daily rituals & processes like “Reflections”, “Listen or Die” , Internal Mobility Program, Talent Reviews, Continuous Performance Management - all  embody these principles. 
We provide market leading compensation - both cash and equity-based - specific  to job roles, individual experience and skill along with our employee centric benefits and work environment. We focus extensively on holistic wellness - through our MeeCare Program - encompassing benefits and policies across physical, mental, financial, and social wellness aspects. This includes extensive medical insurance benefits for employees and their families, wellness initiatives like telehealth, wellness events, and gym & recreational discounts etc. To support work-life balance, we provide generous leave policies, parental support benefits, retirement benefits, and learning and development assistance. Through gratitude for stretched work, personalized gifts, engagement & fun at work - we promote employee delight at the workplace. Many other benefits such as salary advance support, relocation assistance, and flexible benefits plans further enrich the Meesho employee experience.

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