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All official communications for this opportunity will come from verified email IDs ending with "" We want to clarify that Meesho has no affiliations with individuals, educational institutes, agencies, or external websites related to this event. Exercise caution and do not trust communications claiming Meesho association unless from an official "" email ID.
Crucially, Meesho does not charge any fees for participation in this event.
The results of each stage of this event will be communicated to all participants through email.

What is Open Recruitment?

Meesho is excited to announce openings for our SDE Internship program! We're on the lookout for talented, passionate coders and problem solvers from across India to join our quest for innovation. No matter which college or branch you hail from, we value your exceptional coding skills and problem-solving abilities.

Here's your golden opportunity to elevate your skills in the realm of software development and become an integral part of our mission to craft groundbreaking products for a billion users of Bharat.

The Opportunity

Please find the job description here .
Internship: The selected people will work with us as interns from Feb 2024 to July 2024 at our Bangalore office. You will be paid INR 35,000 per month as a stipend during these 6 months. This will be a hybrid opportunity and you will need to relocate to Bangalore to work from our office.

Full-time offer: Based on your performance during this 6 months internship, we will extend a full-time offer with a compensation package ofINR 15 Lacs per annum plus ESOPs plus a host of benefits.

Qualifications & Other Requirements

  • Only for B.E/ B.Tech OR MCA passout students of 2023 and 2024 batch.
  • You should not have any active backlogs while applying for this opportunity.
  • The application portal will be open only for 1 week - (timelines mentioned below).
  • Selected students should be open to relocate to work at our Bengaluru office for the internship.
  • Your institution should grant permission for a full-time internship, allowing exemption from regular class commitments. We will furnish you with an official internship offer letter for documentation purposes.
TimelinesEvent Stage
8th Jan - 12th JanOpen for inviting applicants
12th Jan EODEmail Communication on Resume Shortlist (Hygiene check on degree, batch, backlogs etc)
13th Jan -14th JanNextLevel Screening round
16th Jan EODEmail Communication on NextLevel Test Shortlist
17th Jan - 18th JanHackerRank Test round
18th Jan - 20th JanEmail Communication on HackerRank Test Shortlist
22nd Jan - 24th JanTechnical Interview and Hiring Manager round
25th Jan EODEmail Communication on Final Results

Hiring Process

No. of RoundsRound NameRound DescriptionDuration
Round 1Screening processThis will be done via NextLevel, an AI based screening app.
Topics: OOPS, Data Structures, Algorithms, DBMS, Networking, Error Handling
45 min
Round 2HackerRank Online TestOnline coding test.
Topics: Problem Solving, Algorithms and Data Structures.
105 min
Round 3Technical InterviewVirtual interview with a technical panel.
Topics: System Design, Coding & Debugging
90 min
Round 4Hiring ManagerVirtual interview with a technical panel.
Topics: Problem Solving, System Design and Cultural fitment, past internships, college projects etc.
45 min
Note: Each round is a knockout round and the entire process will be done remotely.


  • How many roles are open?
    There are multiple positions open at Meesho.
  • Can I apply for direct placement?
    This challenge qualifies you for the internship role. Full time offer will be extended based on the performance during the internship period. For 2024 graduates, this is the sole option for engineering roles. If you have work experience, apply directly to relevant roles on our careers website.
  • Will I get holidays for my college end-semester exams?
    Yes, we would suggest you discuss this with HR during your interview process so that the team can plan.
  • Can I work remotely?
    No, Meesho operates in a hybrid model which means you need to be in the Bangalore office as per the team's requirements.
  • Can I participate in a mock test before appearing for the test?
    We recommend your participation in a mock test on the HackerRank platform challenge. This coding challenge is accessible on the HackerRank platform. Log in to the platform to commence mock tests. These exercises will enhance your familiarity with the platform and aid in effective time management. Additionally, please review the sample video for NextLevel, which will provide further insights into the mobile app.
  • Do I need to come to Bengaluru to give interviews?
    No, this entire interview process is remote.
  • Are the programming questions restricted to specific languages?
    Programming language is not a barrier to this coding challenge
  • What will happen in case there is an issue with my computer or internet connection?
    If there is an issue with your computer or your Internet connection, you will not lose your previously submitted answers. They will be saved on servers. You can log in again and continue coding from where you stopped.
    However, the timer will continue running, which is why it is advised that you ensure that your computer/Internet connection is working properly before you begin the challenge.
  • Is it possible to change my submission after I have submitted a question?
    HackerRank Test: Yes, you can edit and submit the solution to a question (that you can view and edit) any number of times before the challenge completion time window closes. This rule applies exclusively to HackerRank tests. Some tests have timed sections, and after the time limit is reached, you will not be able to revisit questions in that section.
    NextLevel Screening Test: In the NextLevel mobile app, once you answer a question, you cannot go back.
  • How does the time limit work?
    Your program must read, process, and output the result for all input files within the specified time limit.
    The input file will be of the format that is specified in the problem. This means that if each input file contains multiple test cases, then your code must pass all the test cases within the specified time limit.
  • What happens if I indulge in plagiarism?
    We take cheating/plagiarism very seriously and don't entertain such practices. All online tests are validated with plagiarism detection software and your entry will be rejected if flagged by the software algorithm.
  • Will I receive the results of the challenge? If yes, when?
    You will directly receive email after every stage of assessment. If selected, the team will reach out to you to schedule next interviews.
  • Can we take up the challenges from mobile platforms?
    The first round-screening round is a mobile app based screening platform. You need to install on your mobile, login with your credentials and take the test from mobile. The hackerRank test platform is an online coding challenge that requires the participant to take it up from laptop/desktop.
  • Is it possible for me to secure an internship in a specific domain of interest?
    We have open internship roles only in Backend, Frontend, Mobile, Infra. The role allocation is strictly based on Meesho's current availability.

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We're not accepting any more applications.

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